Storytellers are our mission.

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Our mission: The Storytellers

Los cineastas independientes son nuestra misión

More than 40,000 years ago our ancestors began to pass on knowledge with cave paintings; this marked the beginning of audiovisual creators.

It is through stories that we have built our society, storytellers have been cornerstones in the construction of our culture, our customs, our aesthetics, our knowledge, and our dreams.

What then would become of a society without storytellers, without audiovisual creators, without writers?

A distant and ignorant society, without rituals, without reasons or knowledge to survive. As a species we have learned to adapt our environment to our needs not only to survive, but to advance and go further and further, learning along the way and changing the discourse and the way we say things to each other, but the essence remains the same.

This is why creators are the cornerstone of society because by creating they are not only spreading magic to their surroundings, they are also giving life to it.

The main mission of an audiovisual creator is to offer catharsis, to dream, to create a collective vision of humanity by making us feel and live through their works, that the magic of the universe comes alive and begins to forge the path of the future.

This is the driving force of our purpose, to elevate creative work, to make it sustainable and worthy by bringing it closer to what it really is: a divine work.

And yes, I say divine because the act of creation is the closest thing to being gods of our own world; because creating is the highest level a being can aspire to.

Los cienastas independientes deben tener el poder sobre sus obras

But what about the system?

The system has forgotten to focus on what really generates us value as humanity and has persisted with outdated structures that are no longer truly necessary. New technologies should empower and allow change to a world in which power is held by those who generate value.

As a society, it is our duty and our responsibility to ensure that the creative endeavor is the most admired, the best paid, the most sought after, to which we aspire. It is our duty to return the creators back to their rightful place so that, through them, we can secure a purposeful, prosperous and abundant future.

A creator is able to travel to very distant galaxies, exorcize demons, live in a world of tales, have and create superpowers, marry princesses with beggars, overcome hordes of unrecognizable beings in magical battles, travel to worlds of dreams within dreams and everything that imagination is made for, that is, everything.

A creator creates entire universes with their dreams and captures them to share with the world, saturates their creations with their life force energy to infect the masses and immerse them in those magical and previously distant worlds.

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From the collective imagination, humanity is in charge of transforming this madness into tangible futures and everything that imagination is capable of creating, that is, everything.

Our mission is to make from this a creative world. To leave our children and future generations a creative and dreamy place, a world where daring to dream is not only for a few madmen, but for everyone. And where, as a community, we reward creative endeavors with admiration and respect.

Creemos en los cineastas independientes

Why do we believe in the Creators?

Because they are the ones who know that the power of the image comes alive with sound,that with images we can recreate moments that have passed.
Because the real past, the imaginary or the promised future
is born as the dream of a creator and becomes the collective imagination.

Stay gold,

Alejo Arango

CEO of Mowies.